This is a blog for those teachers out there who don’t subscribe to the Pinterest pages and the lame project blogs for posters and fuzz balls. THIS is a blog for truly bad ass teachers who know what true instruction is. These teachers know that true instruction transcends superficial projects with more coloring than thinking. THIS is a blog for my fellow Socratics and Stoics, for the thinkers, writers and student-movers. This blog is for them and me.

These teachers are bad ass because they know what it is to truly teach. They recognize the inherent power in teaching the future generations and the due diligence that needs come with the responsibility. This, then, is a blog for the high thinkers that can also recognize the problems consumer world and how they relate to the educational world. (This is all sounding way too manifesto-ish.)

My point is this: many blogs exist to “help” teachers. Some of these blogs are actually useful and occasionally have valuable information about truly authentic pedagogy. However, many of these blogs hide what is required of truly great teachers: actual thought, not just regurgitated posters and coloring assignments. Most of these other blogs don’t really address the issues with teacher LIFE either: they simply write about how life is hard, how “we don’t get paid enough,” how the world is out to get us.

So, this is then going to be both a finance blog striving towards financial independence while also being a blog about what real teachers can accomplish. This is going to be a blog about my struggles with the life of being a teacher (and hopefully they are shared struggles we can all share), BUT it will include how I work through these struggles and how we can be better for it!

So I need to rephrase the title. Teachers *Can* be bad ass. I know a select few teachers who work harder than all my other engineer friends. These guys and gals create riveting content that gets teenagers motivated to improve. These people are legendary. They do more for our society than anyone else. They go so much further than what so many people consider to be the role of a teacher. This blog is for them because they (and I) need some backup and community out there. We need recognition for what we truly are: Bad Ass!

So I’m going to write this blog while documenting how I transcend the stereotypes of teachers. I will record how I move beyond both the conceptual stereotypes and the financial stereotypes. All you Bad Ass teachers can join me in exploring how to make our own lives even more Bad Ass through Financial Independence. Even though we earn much less than others, we can still accomplish so much for ourselves AND our students. I’ll share my experience, and you share yours in the comments.

So catch the next post and we’ll move forward from here. We’ll explore how to save and be frugal. We’ll explore how to bring the amazing Socratic Method from our classrooms to our lives and society at large. We Bad Ass teachers can move students; we can move ourselves.