Financial Freedom (or independence) is a very loaded subject. If you start reading the blogs like Mr. Money Mustache, or Early Retirement Extreme, you’ll find that it is a remarkable state of being that is supposedly easy to achieve although very few have gotten there. In a sense, I agree: Financial Freedom is a new realm of thought and being that few DO get to. However, this does not mean that you, or me, can not get there, too. We Can!

Financial Freedom really is just a state of MIND, not being. If you have begun to awaken to the reality of our consumerist society, then you are already on the path to Financial Freedom Enlightenment. The first step to achieving Financial Freedom is simply to recognize that you, yourself, are the sole agent capable of moving yourself in that direction. I’ve only recently realized this myself, so if you are only awakening now, no worries. We can get the rest of the way together.

FF, or FI, is simply having enough money to do whatever you want. The caveat, however, is that to become FI you must lose your material wants. This may sound ridiculous, or Buddhist, or extreme; it’s not. If you read enough, if you get outside enough, if you cook enough, if you live for yourself enough, you will automatically lose those material wants. Who needs an even bigger t.v. when you have the whole world outside to explore and grow in to?

So, Financial Freedom is having the freedom (and money) to DO whatever you want. This doesn’t really mean that you need to put off doing (or spending) what you want to right now. It means you need to re-adjust your desires and wants for your capability right now. If you have a low net worth (like I do, for now), you can still achieve FF. First, you can achieve it later on in life through savings and investing and mindset changes and actually enjoying life with friends and family right now. But secondly, and more immediately, you can become FF or FI right now! You can even become FIT (if you like to teach others) right now! All you have to do is awake and realize the true meaning of living with enough.

I have awoken. I have just now done so. Even with this blog post I’m awakening. It is really a process. But once you’ve begun to realize how little you actually need to live, then life becomes INFINITELY easier. You know that you can succeed and get somewhere without that new car, without that new t.v., without that new, huge house. Simply recognizing that you don’t always need MORE is how you first step into Financial Independence.

So. Take. That. Step. Awake. Rise. Realize you don’t always need more. Then save the rest. Soon you won’t even have to work. Enjoy that. But keep teaching. Teaching is good. It is how we ALL move up in life.

Rise like the majestic hot air balloon. Enough is enough for transcendence.