Becoming a FIT doesn’t mean you have to start living without. It means you get to start living with some delicious food that is homemade BY you! That picture there is from  my salad today. I’ve been trying to make salads for lunch with lettuce, greens, avocado, some shredded cheese, and some tomatoes; all from Costco! Costco is probably the best store I’ve ever been to. I’m easily saving boatloads of money just from making my own lunch.

But how much money exactly? And how much money are we really saving from making our own bread?

Gotta get that sweet, sweet Avo!

It turns out that we really can save a tremendous amount over time just from small savings like this. Take the homemade sourdough bread for example. Say it ends up costing you $0.50 for every loaf you make (the flour is easily less than this, but include the price to heat the oven). Then, say the average loaf at the store, that is up to par with this amazing god’s food you’re making at home, costs you $4 (although some of that good sourdough costs even more than this). This price doesn’t even include your time going to the store, but I’m not going to include that because it does take time to actually make the bread (although it is fun, so is it actually costing you?) All this leaves you with +$3.50 per loaf. Then say you make two loaves a week. That is $7 a week! Just from making your own bread.

Now for some fun math. I love Mr. Money Mustache’s math because I don’t have to do nearly as much thinking. He says, for weekly expenses, multiply them 752 to get the savings (plus interest) you would get over 10 years. If we do that for our bread expense, we save $5,264!! That is insane. Only from bread! AND you get a richer smelling house, decent workouts from kneading, and the best bread you’ve ever had!*

Let’s talk about that salad though. This is where the real money adds up: bringing your own lunch, and a cheap one at that. First, I love those salads. I make my own dressing with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, so even now my mouth is watering thinking about those damn salads. If I can make those salads for about $1.50 (which is a safe estimate with Costco pricing), then I’m only spending $7.50 a week on lunch. For those folks going out to eat, or even bringing their leftovers from eating out the night before, you’re spending at least this much on ONE lunch! So, if they’re spending $7.50/lunch, I’m already saving $30/week more than them (and this is CONSERVATIVE, many fellow teachers drink sodas with these!). Multiply this $30/week by 752, and over 10 years I’m saving $22,560! This is insane.

So by making your own bread and having cheap but tasty salads for lunch, you can save $27,824 in the next 10 years** (which is sometimes only a third of some of these teachers careers unfortunately).

This is not to say anything about your average dinners. In a soon-to-come article, I will reveal I have started to save nearly $600/month simply from not eating out for dinner. To find a compounding rate for a monthly expense, multiply it by 173 for a ten year savings increase. This not eating out savings would then be $600*173=$103,800… I feel ridiculous even mentioning this because of how wasteful I’ve been. Just by cooking for myself I’m beginning to move my life around.

So start baking the bread and tossing that salad! You’re going to dramatically begin to improve your Net Worth.*** And soon we’ll all get FIT.


*Have I mentioned that you can use your starter to make Cinnamon Rolls, Pizza Dough, and even Bread Pudding? SO many good flavors from basically free bread!
**This isn’t even including the dramatic cost that eating fast food has on your healthcare bill. This would skyrocket the true cost of the savings.
***I’ll be posting a Net Worth article soon. I aim to write one of these every month to keep you updated on my goals. Although you can probably figure it out by doing some math on this previous article…