Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you’re here. I hope my title isn’t too misleading. I’m starting this blog with a few purposes in mind, but the major one is to write about my beginning journey to Financial Independence. Along the way, I hope I can convince you (my fellow, bad ass teachers and general readers) to join me in an epic quest to change our own lives!

So I’m not financially independent yet. No big deal. I’ve been hit with a wave of motivation from maybe my all time favorite blog, Mr. Money Mustache. He has written amazing stuff over there. I’ve been so inspired that I’ve begun to change my entire life around and for the better! I want to start writing about it so I can continue to keep up the motivation, but also so that you can follow along and be inspired too. It is so easy to find blogs with authors who are already FI (Financially Independent); I want to start this blog as a view of what life is like along the way.

It is also so easy to find blogs devoted to frugality and savings and investing that are written by software engineers and tech industry folks with a bit more leg room in the FI department. This is a blog for us teachers who have begun to realize that we too can start saving and investing and moving towards freedom. So in these coming articles, I’ll be sharing my financial status with you. I’ll also be sharing my habits and ideas on frugality. I might throw in some articles about my favorite things: biking, running, reading, cooking and brewing, too. And of course, I’m sure to write about some of the great (and shitty) stuff going on in the teaching world too. This is going to be a ton of fun. A weird mixture of subjects, but hopefully an interesting mix that many of us can relate to.

Oh! And I should address my nickname for this site: I am the (soon-to-be) Financially Independent Teacher, or theFITeacher for short. This isn’t a blog about becoming physically fit (although that might come up), but rather a blog about becoming financially fit, educationally fit, and mentally fit, too. All around, I aim to become FIT. Want to join me?