Wow, that last post was pretty obnoxious. It sounded so much like a manifesto that I think I should clarify: this blog is for EVERYBODY. This isn’t just a blog for teachers, and it isn’t just a blog for me. Sure, I’m going to elaborate on some of my personal finances. My finances, though, are only meant to be representative of a general, (lower?) middle class income. That means, really, this blog is for everybody out there that is beginning to wonder if they could follow in Mr. Money Mustache’s footsteps too, or if they could be Extreme enough to actually improve their lives (hint: you can).

So, while I write about my own changes and movements towards frugality and happy living, I hope you all can find some common connection to my struggle. And I hope you all will comment, too. This really isn’t all about teaching, nor is it all about finance; it will be a mix of both, a blog that shows what we all can do. Hopefully, by showing you my changes and struggles, I can convince you, too, to work towards Financial Independence.

What is Financial Independence? And how will I (and you future FITs) get there? Read along and I’ll show you.