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I love writing my current blog, working my financial thoughts out, practicing what I preach, connecting with others. But, I’m also pretty tired of it. That leaves me in an awkward position: I enjoy my current blog, but I want to do more; I want to write something different for a change. So. Should I start another blog?

I certainly don’t want to just get rid of this site, a site I’ve put so much work into. I also don’t want to restrict my writing to topics that would fit on this site well. I think my answer must be “Yes. I need to start another blog.”

What for?

The biggest hurdle to starting a blog is to come up with something you are passionate enough about to write about on a consistent basis. I’m passionate about finances and working towards financial independence, but I am also one to routinely change hobbies and interests. What might catch my focus this week or month, may be long forgotten by the time school starts (IN ONLY 3 WEEKS!). So, while I’m still excited about making money moves, improving my savings rate, learning to invest, and building a safety net, I want to be able to write in a way that doesn’t involve all these things.

I also want to write for my students.

I want to start another blog with the express realization that I will be sharing the content of that one with my students. I want to keep up material that doesn’t have specific money updates or more personal opinions. I want to be confident in my students not learning too much about me or hearing something they shouldn’t (although, as I write this, I am thinking, “Shouldn’t they be learning about finances, too?” That will have to wait for a more in-class approach, I’m thinking).


I want to start another blog where I can write more spontaneously, more freely, without the worry of finding/keeping visitors, without the nervousness of having my writing judged. ┬áThis means I would like to have another blog that keeps my personal information on the back-burner. I need another blog that I can write on routinely, as more of a practice grounds for the craft, a practice canvas where I can paint away to my heart’s content before showing my students what practicing writing looks like.

What Happens Now?

Now, luckily, I use Bluehost and WordPress for my blogging. This means that I can easily go through them to create another site. I’ll login in soon through them and choose another domain name, theme, and format. Then I’ll start writing. Easy as that! Starting this blog through Bluehost was actually really easy. It took a while to learn some of the details and to figure out exactly how I wanted my configured, but now I’m really happy with how mine looks. If you want to check it out, click on this banner. That $3.95 is a per month fee, just to warn you, but compared to other free blogging sites, Bluehost lets you do a lot more and keep up a prettier site much easier. Web Hosting $3.95

I’ll Keep You Updated

I’m excited to try this out, escape the restrictions of finance and teaching, build something new. I’m also excited to start writing for my students. As soon as I get something worth sharing up and running, I’ll share it with you all.

This doesn’t mean that I will stop writing on this blog, no. I will keep writing here and keep working out the kinks of saving and investing as a teacher. I want to do both: I want to write here and practice writing somewhere else to share with my students.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Should I start another blog?

  1. I feel the same way. I have many interests and thoughts that don’t have anything to do with finances, even though that’s one of my passions. I’ve been thinking of launching a new blog in the same way you are. I might still. It’s nice to stumble others who are going through the same thought processes. Good luck to you!

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