I am not yet the FIT (financially independent teacher). I’m a teacher in Northern Nevada, USA. I teach English in a middle school, and this is only my third year doing it. Besides my teacher biography, I am also a born-again frugalist. I’ve been scouring the blogs of other FIRE writers and motivators. I’m in debt and ready to change. I’m trying to write and inspire.

I am glad you’re here.

Really, I should start with an explanation of why I think you should read my blog, and why I am worth listening to even though I am new to this savings and investing financial world.

Being a new teacher in one of the least well-funded states in the US gives me so much room for financial savings. Many financial blogs write about how you can “hack” your way to more money, or how you can sell all your stuff and make enough to start investing. I’m not here to tell you to do that. I’m not really here to tell you to do anything. I’m only here to describe how, as a relatively-low income teacher, I am going to save enough money to pay off my credit cards*, then my car loan**, then my student loans, then a house, before eventually saving enough to retire early on.

I know this is ambitious. I’m glad it is ambitious. I recently taught a lesson on how you need to struggle to build character, on how hard work is an end unto itself. This blog is then a response to my own lesson. (As is usually the case, I end up learning more from my lessons than my students do…)

I’m going to start recording my financial status here. I’ll keep you updated on my net worth (which is unfortunately painfully low for a “finance” blog), my current debts or investments, and what I spend my money on. I’ll also keep you updated on all the awesome ways I’m saving money. I’ll tell you about how I’m going to be completely out of all that debt above by August 2018.

I’m not only going to talk about this finance world though. I’m also going to inspire you to work more on your own to create your own stuff. Creating your own possessions is an amazing thing. Living for and through yourself is ultimate. For example, why drive everywhere when you can ride your bike. Move yourself! I’ve been riding my bike for a solid 9 years now. It is a Specialized Langster I got as a high school graduation gift. On the back is a hand-crafted (by me!) leather saddle bag. There will be some fun posts on how I make this stuff (I’m building a mortise-and-tenon bed frame right now***). Making your own stuff and getting around on your own steam is fantastic. It will completely change your life. And so will this blog! So tag along and see what I make (financially and physically) next.


*Done in March, 2017!

**Done in May, 2017!

***Done in June, 2017!