Hey All,

It has been so long since my last post. I think it might even be about a month now since I wrote last. I’ve been busy getting lots of work done. I have plenty of writing to come in the next few weeks that I’m very excited to share. But the main thing I need to start with is my latest exciting development: I’ve paid off all my credit cards!!!


I can’t believe it! I’ve been working pretty hard the past few months to live more frugally (although this past month has been a sort of disaster in that department, albeit a very fun disaster.) With the help of our federal tax refund, and my monthly contribution towards the debt, I’ve finally finished paying them all off. This is so liberating, so exhilarating. I now get to work on my car loan, which is now less than 2k. I’m hoping to have that paid off in either May or June, which is also awesome.

I can’t explain enough how awesome this is.

It turns out that actually saving money, trying to cook for yourself, riding your bike most places, and living frugally can actually get you somewhere. And this is only the beginning of my process. Now I get to work towards paying off my student loans and saving for a house. We are moving up in the world!

So, last night I had to celebrate. And even my celebration was fun evidence of the lifestyle I’m aiming for. Let this picture explain:

bota box and bike

That is my bike with my home-made seat, home-made saddle bag, and the Bota Box that I bought last night. I got to ride my beautiful bike down a beautiful trail to the store. I bought a pretty deal of wine that lasts a long time, then got to ride my bike home again. All of this while the sun was setting at the end of a great week of work. I love this picture. I love being credit card debt free.

So I’m back to writing now.

I’ve taken a break for a while now, but like I said earlier, I have more to share now. I have a few article I want to share in the next few weeks. I have to tell you how I finished my Master’s Degree, too! Exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned!

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